Our Health Standards


Reopening soon!

FlipJack Ranch has been closed to the public since March 15th following recommendations by the county of Santa Cruz to shelter in place. We expect to reopen when county restrictions have lifted, sometime in early May. For guests, this means very little potential viral exposure. Our ranch is in an isolated area on ten acres of natural pasture and towering redwoods, offering a safe retreat from urban areas.

Our Health Standards

Each of our four rooms are located apart from each other offering safe distancing. Our staff uses the best practices cleaning procedures recommended by the Center for Disease Control. This means that rooms are disinfected between guests and that public areas are are disinfected several times during the day. 

Facilities Open

Our hot tub is open, by appointment so that we may carefully disinfect surfaces between guests and maintain water quality. Bromine used in the water is anti bacterial and anti viral while being more gentle on the skin than chlorine. The swimming pool opens May 24th for seasonal use.